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Grab all quest at cenarion refuge then head north to swampart post and get all quest there ass well

Your first thing to do is Menacing Marshfangs . Turn in when you done . then you will have Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger.

Then you are gonna heading south to Thick Hydra Scales and No More Mushrooms!. The eel is low drop,but its worth to do it,since it will you easy quest chains.

Don’t worry about Plants of Zangarmarsh, you will complete the quest while you doing another quest at Zangarmarsh.

Then after you done you are going to do The Umbrafen Tribe, the witchdoctor has low spawn , so its your priority . after done with that,take the escort quest Escape from Umbrafen . when the quest complete go to the right to do The Dying Balance, he is easy, can be solo by any class if you can play your class well.

While you on the way,don’t forget to kill the bugs for There's No Explanation for Fashion

Go to cenarion refuge to turn in your quest,then grab all quest and you are gonna do Safeguarding the Watchers Saving the Sporeloks A Damp, Dark Place,

Head south,not to far away from the umbrafen village till you found a cave in your maps,then enter the cave and do all those easy quest,when you done,get out of the cave, mount up to do, Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake.will be easy if you got flying mount.

Head back to cenario refuge and turn all quest. And you should have As the Crow Flies, use the quest item right after the quest giver, enjoy your flight, ( you should make a coffee lol ) then when you done flying,turn in your quest then you will have Balance Must Be Preserved. And you should have Blessings of the Ancients also.just talk to the 2 big tree to finished the quest.

Then go to north to swampart post.turn all quest you have done and you should have A Job Undone Searching for Scout Jyoba kill Sporewing he just north west rom swampart. Then go north,no to far and turn in Searching for Scout Jyoba and you will have Jyoba's Report, kill the Witherd giant , till you complete the quest don’t sell or destroy Bog Lord Tendril you will need 12 ( 6 if you are a human ) and 6 Fertile Spores .
While you doing this quest you should have Withered Basidium,head back to swampart and turn in all your quest ,then you are gonna do Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger., you need to kill Blacksting. Then head more to the west to reach Zabra’jin.

Get all quest there,then get the flying flight,fly to swampart post,turn in your quest,then head back to Zabra’jin.

If you fell strong enough,solo Leader of the Bloodscale and Leader of the Darkcrest kill Rajah Haghazed and Rajis Fyashe,when you doin these quest, do this A Warm Welcome as well.but remember,if you cant solo them,do do the quest yet,just wait till you get more ding, if you are lucky you will get Drain Schematics

Your first quest here is Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!,look around the village and loot Glowcap as will need 10.after done,head west to do Stinging the Stingers,then head back to turn in your quest. WANTED: Boss Grog'ak then head east to do Angling to Beat the Competition, and Drain Schematics.head back to cenarion refuge to turn in quest and get Watcher Leesa'oh,head east to hellfire to turn in Warning the Cenarion Circle then head vack to cenarion refuge to turn in Return to the Marsh. Don’t take the next quest.then head back to Zabra’jin,use hearthstone if you can.faster . turn in all quest,and grab all quest that available for you.

Head back to the lake when you do Angling to Beat the Competition to do The Biggest of Them All. Then, go to west to do Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki,just use flying mount and enter the building by your flyer, I mean,, land on his ass, don’t need to clear the mobsthen head to east and do Impending Attack.

Then head south to do Pursuing Terrorclaw.and turn in your quests at Zabra’jin.and grab all quest that show up.

The Sharpest Blades is your next quest, just head southwest from village,there are lot of these thing there nand make sure you kill and loot "Count" Ungulaand and ou will"Count" Ungula's Mandiblethat ill give you The Count of the Marshes.

Head to the south when you done, to turn in The Count of the Marshes.
And Watcher Leesa'oh.and you will have Observing the Sporelings,just go to the center on spawning glen. and you will find a guy and give you Natural Enemies and The Sporelings' Plight.i told you. you will need the tendril.

Farm the tendrils until you get neutral sporegar! To get Sporeggar

When you done with go to turn in . Watcher Leesa'oh and do the next quest A Question of Gluttony turn in once you done,grab the next quest,and head to north of spawning glen to turn in Sporeggar.

You should have Glowcap Mushrooms and Fertile Spores do this quest,you can take and turn in instanlym itold you before to keep your fertile spore and to loot mushroom.

Then,head back to zaabra’jin and turn all quest you have done,then head north,you gonna do Familiar Fungi.low drop.but its worth to do!

Then head east to do Have You Ever Seen One of These? And Message to the Daggerfen. Then head north to do Us or Them and Stealing Back the Mushrooms
Turn the quests and we done here,

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To get to hellfire, go to any major cities, and go to the portal trainer, near the trainer you can find the portal to get to blasted land. right click the portal .accept the quest from npc front of the big gate. then enter the big gate!

Mount up. ignore the elite that attack your man, then accept the quest till you fly to thrallmar. Take and complete all quest you can find there, then go west to do, Bonechewer Blood and I Work... For the Horde! And get your next quest. After you done turn in your quest go east (not to far from thrallmar) . to turn in Eradicate the Burning Legion.then head to northeast to do Felspark Ravine.

After you done head back and turn in your quest,
You should have Forward Base: Reaver's Fall.go to east to turn in the quest then grab Disrupt Their Reinforcements.go east to do this quest, when you done head back turn in you quest and do Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz then you do Mission: The Abyssal Shelf.

Then you gonna turn in Apothecary Zelana.then you are going to do Spinebreaker will fly to south to spinebreaker post,grab all quest there, all of them!

You gonna do Make Them Listen and you will get A Mysterious Tome when you do this quest,after tou done go west to do. The Warp Rifts,just use the quest item and kill unstable one and loot them,after done you can turn in your quest!

The Battle Horn its your next quest, then it will be Bloody Vengeance then Honor the Fallen.there are easy and near quest.

Then head to east to zeth'gor to do Wanted: Worg Master will easily done if you got flying mount.then head east to Void Ridge it's a pretty suck quest . Blizz should fix it 9 but its will lead you to an easy one, so its worth for you to do this quest,
Turn in your quest when you done,then head to the spot where you doin the last quest to do From the Abyss turn back when you done.

Then fly back to thrallmar then do Forge Camp: Mageddon.go to northeast to do it.

You should have Burning Legion Missive when you loot Razorsaw.turn in the quests when you done.

You will get new quest Cannons of Rage go to the same spot when you doin the last quest and destroy the cannon,then turn in and you will got Doorway to the Abyss,do this quest,take an shortcut,its behind the flight master at thrallmar.

After you turn in the quest you will get Cruel's Intentions and The Agony and the Darkness.

Then head to the north west, to grab Outland Sucks!, then do the next following quest How to Serve Goblins and next is Shizz Work,to do Shizz Work use your flute then kill hellboar then wait till the felhoud kill an take a poo..then loot the poo if you are lucky you will get the quesy in 2kills, but mostly you wont lucky 9

Beneath Thrallmar is your next quest,

Then you will need to run to Falcon watch make sure you have Falcon Watch.

Your first quest here is Magic of the Arakkoa and Birds of a Feather.go south to do these quest,
to do Birds of a Feather right click on the egg lying in the ground if it's a female use the cage,don't kill its!when you doing this quest, search and kill Avruu it will give you quest Avruu's Orb.then when you done, take the escort quest The Road to Falcon Watch.when you done you gonna do A Pilgrim's Plight.head to southwest to do this,

turn in and your next quest is The Agony and the Darkness. In Need of Felblood Arelion's Journal .when you are on the way you can turn in The Assassin and accept the next quest

head back to falcon watch and turn in the quest

grab the nest quest you can get,then your next quest is The Great Fissure,once you done you will get and do Marking the Path

then you gonna head to cenarion post to turn in Helping the Cenarion Post,grab all quest there while you on the way you should meet Magister Aledis talk to heim and defeat him to finish the quest Arelion's Secret.

Then you gonna heading to cenarion refuge. Don't grab the quests there yet.enter the inn,speak to innkeeper then buy Cenarion Spirits,then head nort to swampart post,then fly to falcon watch,

Turn in your quest The Mistress Revealed then do this quest Arelion's Mistress :
Then go west to cenarion post,while you on the way kill the hellboar for Demonic Contamination and kill Bonestripper Vulture for Trueflight Arrows

Turn in Demonic Contamination at cenarion post then grab Testing the Antidote
do the quest and kill the ravager Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!.then head to south to do Source of the Corruption while you doing this you will do Naladu it will lead you to short quest chain and easy, A Traitor Among Us , The Dreghood Elders Arzeth's Demise. Be focus on the chain quests because you can get done with Demonic Contamination by doing the chain quests :

Then head back to falcon watch and turn in your quests then head to pool of agrommar The Cleansing Must Be Stopped then head back to thrallmar .to turn quests including A Strange Weapon and do next quest till you get A Spirit Guide.

Then go east when you turn in in The Assassin and use the quest item and follow the wolf..dont take the next quest.

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WoW Farmer FACT

do you hate farmer ?
why ?
do you know how is farmer in real life ?

I will you give some fact,

1.they are sitting their ass on plastic chair for 12 hours,they play wow not for fun,but to feed him/her family. we cant do raid or any fun stuff free.

2.some of peoples need the gold that we farm.if they are no customer,farmer wont exist.some of ya need us. easily buy the mats at AH with reasonable ( low ) price. cause farmer WANT his stuff to sold asap and they don't keep the stuff.*we help you mate*

4.we don't want to be a farmer,it against the blizz law.we do this cause it's the only job we have, it so fucking hard to find job here

5.we are better in playing WoW because we got no life,we focus on it.

6.our salary is 90$ per month (average)

do you know how boring is farming stuff ? i mean you farming stuff in 12 hours ???!!

dont hate farmer,we do not harm you :P

blizz already hate us,that sick to getting banned every times we trade gold :(

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Bob WoW leveling guide

If you want to know how is farmer work ,how can farmer got lot gold ? or level faster than you ? you can find the answer here!! cause i am a farmer,,not china,but i am indonesian, and i ll give you some tips to be pro at WoW,either on leveling,gearing up,or farm tons of gold

In this Blog, You can know the best way to picking the quest, since you won't have a trouble to done the quest,because there are a quest helper Addons and Amazing web like that can help you done the quest.

But,in this site you can leveling fast,cause you know how is the best way to picking the quest and bunch them up and avoid needless zone or quest.

Tips for leveling

here some tips that work for me to leveling, 1-80 in 10 days
1.Use Recruit-a-Friend service
it's realy help, triple XP rewarded till you hit 60,and in this case u can hit 60 from 1 in 15 hours!

2.DO NOT willing to get good gear if You don't have trouble in killing mobs,cause you will ding fast and the epic or blue that HARD to get will be replaced in NO time!

3.Focus on leveling,don't level your profession yet, cause it will be easier for You to level Your profession when You hit 80

4.Put your hearthstone in zone where You are questing, So,everytime You need to turn in the quest,Using hearthstone is faster than running. after You hit 80 You can Put your Hearthstone At dalaran or any major cities,

5.Bunch up the can do this by read more my blog n_n